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Behind The Scenes: Sean Nolan And The Heartmakers - Heartbeat (Music Video)

I realize it’s sort of ironic I’m uncomfortable in front of a camera. I’ve got to admit though, shooting the video for “Heartbeat” was a rush. It isn’t often I’m able to catch a glimpse of what it must feel like to do this for a living. We shot at a rehearsal space we’ve used for years called The Sweatshop in Brooklyn, New York. This place is wild. On any given night hopeful bands fill the rooms down dirty halls stretching beneath flickering fluorescent lights, playing their songs loud enough to fill the street outside the old building with a cacophony of sound. Our drummer, Kenny works in film, so he took the helm and directed. He also came up with the concept.

It’s crazy just how hard it can be keeping a band together once you and your friends somehow end up in your thirties. It’s crazy ending up in your thirties. But when it clicks, it clicks. Friends and friends of friends came to act as extras. Kenny’s friend Thomas shot it and colored it. Getting to see all these people pretend to play along with the song was a trip. The lighting added an element that sealed the deal. For a few hours I was in a rock and roll band shooting a music video. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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