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Behind The Tracks: Voices Of Ruin - Path To Immortality (2020)

The story of a demon taking over the world and traveling to different worlds continues in ‘Path To Immortality’!

This is the first time “Larry” travels to another planet, this time taking his army with him. After destroying earth, as portrayed on ‘Into Oblivion’ he started to design the world to his dark and demented style. With sharp edges and cave like structures his castle stood tall as seen in the background from the ‘Born From The Dark’ cover artwork.

Now it is time to start exploring the universe and taking control of new planets! The cover for ‘Path To Immortality’ shows him entering a planet through a portal bringing his army of the dead. The creatures on this planet are seen bowing to him and surrendering to this fierce army.

Artwork is by the always amazing Par Olofsson. Par always captures the concept of this story with his artwork.

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