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Track By Tracks: Bas As - Crucified Society (2020)

Crucified Society: It speaks of a society now compromised by the world of social networks. Where the population is the victim of a System, in which fame is the only way to be recognized and collecting “likes”, and therefore the esteem of others. The world collapses under this lifestyle and, not realizing it, people end up making absurd gestures to be hated and loved, aspired and envied, advancing in the rank of society with the sole purpose of image. Dignity is less and less and nothing personal and innovative is created, self-destructing. As the name of the song itself says, the “Society of the Crucifixes” is where everyone tries to find the best way to appear, ending all martyrs of themselves.

1. Endless Race:

The song only speaks of a love affair that ended badly. Where the partner, still in love, ends up in desperation and time. (I was inspired by Deep Purple’s Speed King) Free Falling: The track speaks of the fall of nature, of pollution. What could happen by continuing to fight against our ecosystem that could collapse on ourselves.

2. Divided:

We always talk about society, where the image of a person is everything, but generally neglects his own inner being. Time passes and it takes very little to notice the reality and the falsity of this type of person. Time unites and divides.

3. Mind Kind:

It is a reference to heaven vs hell. Where Lucifer is not always taken for evil. Giving a little glory to those looking for reasons and knowledge. 

4. Freedom:

A song for those who suffer and are caught by moments of life where they can no longer communicate. A kind of encouragement to live life in a very bad way. 

5. Final Night:

In short words? A sorcerer pissed off with those who tried to kill him. The wheel turns for everyone, when you notice your mistakes sometimes you have only one chance to recover.

6. Believe:

Let’s start to think again about humanity. Personally, I am not a philanthropist, but I seriously hope that someone can improve their lives and that of others with a little justice and just thought.

7. Truth:

A reflexive song with a funny nuance. He talks about his dreams and his ambitions that lead to “risk” in life to get to a next step. But the truth is that only those who are truly worthy and courageous can get there. Having to deal first with the three famous monkeys, here deified, I do not hear, I do not see or speak. One of the five songs written by Alberto that I personally love. 

8. Blackened Tornado:

And here we are at the last portion of the album. This last passage describes a moment of depression, insecurity when the only thing you see in your life is the end. The absence or loss of something on which you have bet too much or too little can lead to an emotional discomfort not easy to deal with. I’m not a psychologist but surely during the composition of this album I found myself, I lived it personally, so I tried to faithfully reinterpret this wonderful piece, written by Alberto, in the best possible way.

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