Track By Tracks: In Divenire - Servi Della Carne (2020) - Breathing The Core


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lunes, 9 de marzo de 2020

Track By Tracks: In Divenire - Servi Della Carne (2020)

1. Ferro Nero:

The main theme of this song is the most primitive and animalistic drive that lodges within each of us. Any criterion of will seems to yield before the will of the flesh. The more you try to resist and the more the response will be disruptive, and this is how "promises of blood and iron accompany the executioner and his chariot", ultimately the carnal pleasures and avarice are seen as the first masters and so he is left alone to climb the summit of bodies which he himself created to prevail. 

2. Le Immense Distese dei Campi Elisi:

In ancient times death in battle was seen as an honorable end, dying at the hands of someone in defense of one's ideals was worth more than medals and money. Trying to identify with a similar idea was necessary in our search to understand what actually manipulated the willing of man to feel such a strong attachment to the idea of death, to the point of forgetting fear and launching in fury towards enemy hosts. 

3. Odi et Amo:

An obvious question that we asked ourselves also concerns the sentimental sphere, after all from historical narratives to chivalric poems love has been a staple to characterize the growth of any character. The question now is "what really happens when it gets out of your control?" There are tales of wars born from love, or characters succumbing to madness but tales are tales. In this text, we try to identify ourselves in a situation where a feeling that should be a source of inspiration ends with entering into contrast with individuality, ultimately leading to wicked and harmless gestures. At first sight it could seem a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet, but when the object of love is associated with the essence of the art itself, the question takes on a completely different nuance. "In Persephone's womb we will reunite, where our love will never end" is the last gleam of creativity that goes away to leave room for nothing. 

4. Notti d’Estate:

 Summer Nights is a highly personal text that refers to some particular periods of Elia’s life. Sometimes passion can bring the lover on dark paths, where the difference between good and evil becomes extremely blurred in the face of the desire to rule over one's desires. In those cases, in the passing of a moment, you are led to make decisions that bring with them many consequences. Although we are strongly convinced that hate and love are two sides of the same coin, it is good to remember that "Love holds up his empire without a sword". 

5. Il Canto del Fedele:

Speaking of strong convictions we could not fail to mention the Knights Templar, in fact the text only says one of their motto. 

6. Crepa Memoria:

Crepa Memoria can be understood as a real declamation of purpose, a manifesto of the latest work of an artist disappointed by his own art, to whom he has donated everything. A self- destructive sentence, which affects the muses, poetry and the concept of beauty, considered useless by a society that prefers well-being to passion and change. The arts, so mistreated by modern capital society, are at the mercy of all the ignorant and foolish who make it up. In such a case then we shall prefer to avoid society from everything beautiful, and then watch it reel in the banality of these modern times. 

7. Somnium Fatum:

The text of this song is based on a recurring dream that accompanied Andrea's nights for a certain period of time. As such it is very introspective, in fact it sees a character who find himself in the middle of a strong wind without being able to do anything to help or save the people around him. "Only one figure will remain firm", the verse in the finale, is precisely the ending of the dream, where there is nothing left around the subject, yet he has not even been touched by this wave of destruction. From here arises a double meaning, hope for saving someone from an inauspicious destiny is in vain, but also He who will stand strong in his beliefs will not have to fear what fate has in store for him.

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