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Track By Tracks: Pile Of Priests - Pile Of Priests (2020)

1. Intro:

This is the gorgeous piano piece that sets the album’s mood, somber yet builds up to the intensity to follow. It was also written around the scales in the last song, a bit of a foreshadowing.

2. The Aversion:

With no time to waste, this song jumps write into heavy riffy goodness. It is probably the most simplistic song on the album, but packs a punch with its groovy chunky riffs. It’s mean and gets the blood pumping.

3. Death of the Paragon:

Here things slow a bit at first, letting you breathe in the air of the songwriting with the beginning melodies and spoken word passage. Building to a fast-paced headbanger with all the tasty sections, then ending with a thicker reprise of the intro.

4. Exile Unto Divination:

This is one of the album’s singles, simply because it has all the fixings for a Pile of Priests’ song. We have developed a formula over the years, and this song puts together all the proper elements to define our sound.

5. Conjunction of Souls:

Another go-getter track, fast and beefy riffs. Here we see Adrienne Cowan’s guest female vocals show up for the first time, and alongside Evan’s in the chorus. This track is to the point and guaranteed to give you the stank face.

6. The Threshold:

Here is the instrumental break that divides the first half of the album to the second. It is the threshold of the big change in the story, again focusing on the build-up to the next chapter.

7. Deus Delenda Est:

This song is particularly all over the place, but in all the right places. The main verse is a heavy ride throughout the song, and the middle section breaks into a realm of its own. More prevalent emotional leads to segway into the cataclysmic events to follow in the story.

8. Bloodstained Citadel:

The fastest and meanest song on the album, I’ll say no more.

9. The Restitution:

For me, this is the opus of the album. Pushing almost 9 minutes long, the song properly brings the album to an explosive end. Starting off with Adrienne’s beautiful clean vocals, and jumps into the sweetest melodic foreplay we could muster up. Epic and very catchy, this song has it all. Every riff compliments the next, you’ll ride it all the way to the end and feel a sense of accomplishment.

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