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Track By Tracks: Voices of Ruin - Path To Immortality (2020)

1. Other Side:

Although there are no lyrics this song was inspired by a melody heard in Tom Barrett’s head during dark times. Tom decided to take this melody and record it as the intro to the album. 

2. Carved Out (lyrics by David Barrett):

The idea for this song came from a tv show actually. It is about a man so disgusted with his image and his failed life that he wants no one to live in happiness. So in spite of this he identifies people who are happy and attractive and carves out their eyes and watches them bleed until they die. Without eyes they are prevented from traveling to the afterlife and are cursed to suffer between the realm of life and the afterlife. 

3. Path To Immortality (lyrics by David Barrett):

This is the title song for the album and is about the theme of the album cover, see artwork story. This is our first song with seven string guitars and one hell of a banger!

4. Suffering Silence (lyrics by David Barrett):

The song is based on someone living in a perfect world with little problems and suffering within their own mind. I guess you could say first world problems. Haha 

5. Reach Toward The Sky (lyrics by David Barrett):

This song speaks toward the falseness of extreme religious beliefs. The fact that no god can save you from this vicious world and that all will die eventually. You can reach toward the sky to your god until there is nothing left to reach for. 

6. I Am God (lyrics by David Barrett):

This song kinda of sums of the battle of our demon against the traditional “god”. Larry is taking his battle to the gods and taking over the throne as the one and only leader. It s a song that takes you through battles and planets to take over the universe. Leaving no mortal followers of the past god. 

7. Into The Aether:


8. Whispers (lyrics by Thomas Barrett):

Whispers is a dark song about a twisted man summoning a demon, the demon is there to kill and erase and enslave the spirits of his species. Bringing life to an end. 

9. The Undoing (lyrics by David Barrett):

This is about being trapped in your head and your fear and anger turns into violence and hate. The things you vision in your head turning to life. Track 10 - Everlong We used to warm up in the rehearsal room and it kind of stuck with us. It’s a fun song with an interesting structure that we wanted to put our style on. And who isn’t a Dave Grohl fan!

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