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Band Biographies: Abhorrent

Abhorrent Born in 1987 with the Ayala's brothers (Richard and Carlos), Luis Mella, Luis Rojas and Lulo like the first line-up but originally under the name of Accurst, with the first live show and after some changes Lulo left the band and is replaced with Michel Garrido, but Garrido finally left the band and is replaced with Oliver Vergara. With this line up and after some shows the band change their name to ABHORRENT. Abhorrent was one active band in the old Thrash Chilean Scene, playing lot of shows in the Santiago Mithical Place ""Sala Lautaro"" with band like Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, Sadism, Torturer among others. With some changes in line-up, the band recorded and editted an ADV-Tape only with instrumental tracks that was distributed in a little quantity only for fans and some Abhorrent's followers, the result began with the process of record their first official Demo titled ""Christianicide"". In 1996 the first full-length was recorded (Start Point) showed a new style for Abhorrent with a Aggressive Technicall Thrash. With a long time in silence Abhorrent give two new productions between 2011-2013 their second Full Lenght ""Heridas"" and ""History of the World's End"" a compilation under the Chinese Label Area Death. In 2018 Fredy Ayala is recruited like a new drummer and begins with the process of creation and recording for their last and more new production ""Kathabasis"" in this time under Australis Records.

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  1. New Album's name is Katabasis. Kathabasis is incorrect!


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