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Band Biographies: Dead Prophet

The beginnings of Dead Prophet date back to 2012 when four musicians from southern Poland found themselves bored while playing thrash and death metal covers. Together decided to create something of their own. Over the next months, the band created three compositions for their first demo entitled DEJECTION.

The songs that appeared on it are brutal and fast referring to the roots of death metal genre. Over the next few years, the band played a dozen or so concerts alongside many underground bands, and also supported such stars of the Polish scene as Vader, Kat and Quo Vadis for example. In late 2018 band entered the studio to record it’s first EP entitled “Sounds Of Enlightenment”. It contains five extremely brutal and fast compositions and represents it’s own style.

The current lineup:

Martin “Hellboy” Darashh: guitars and vocals
Przemysław Gniewek: drums
Bartłomiej Piotrowski: bass

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