Band Biographies: Mind Terrorist

Mind Terrorist is a Greek metal band, located in Larissa. Formed in 2011, as a personal project of Kostas, the singer of the band, with the help of Michalis, Mind Terrorist released their first album "Once upon a Heartbeat" in 2012. The purpose was to create a concept album, describing the greek economical crisis. "Once upon a Heartbeat" was recorded, mixed and mastered in Warcry Studios, Larissa and contained 9 tracks of melodic heavy with a touch of modern rock, especially in terms of production. After positive feedback from press and media, the band quickly re-entered the studio in August 2013, and as a result, a second album, entitled "Fragments of human decay" came out. The music style of the group in this album becomes more aggressive and melodic at the same time, main composer of the album remains Michalis, and the whole work takes place in Warcry Studios once again. The release comes in early 2014, and the group announces that the one man project turns into a band with a full and steady line up, in order to proceed to concerts and enter the studio for a third time. That happens in Winter 2015, and the new album "A Moment in Eternity" is finally out in April 2016. After a tour supporting Warrell Darren of Nevermore, they went in a pause status until they broke silence at the beginning of 2020 with their new full lenght album called "Spiritual Revolution".

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