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Band Biographies: NO SUCH SEASON


Aaron Sparks - Vocals
Willem Coumou IV – Guitar
Daunish Chaudry – Bass
Chad Anderson – Drums

No Such Season was formed by Willem Coumou IV and Chad Anderson in 2016. The two had played together in a band called Dead Stare during their late teenage years. Once the band split, Willem went on to play with ESITU until 2016, when ESITU disbanded. Willem wanted to continue to play music and sought out Chad. The two started jamming and through a vocalist they had been auditioning at the time, they added Daunish Chaudry to play bass. It was a good fit and chemistry from the start. Without a vocalist, they decided to play an instrumental show, and it was there they met Aaron Sparks. Aaron wanted to sing for the band, auditioned, and the rest is history. The band name was derived from a conversation about climate change, when someone blurted out “there is no such season.” The band slogan really sums up the origins of the band; “No Rhyme, No Reason, No Such Season.”

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