Band Biographies: Straight To Pain

Straight to Pain was formed in Savona in 2009. Our debut album, "Horizon Calls", was released in 2013, with a sound very close to the band's hardcore and metalcore roots. In 2015, after a number of dates and a new bass player, we signed a distribution contract with MYO Agency and released our EP "Earthless" in June of the same year; it presented a rougher, heavier sound, shifting a bit towards groove metal.

Afterwards, we went through a line-up change: founding guitarist Nicolò left, bassist Marco switched over to guitars, and two new members joined in. The different tastes and influences of the members of this renewed five-man line-up merged to develop a more modern style, which adds djent, melodic death and progressive elements to the band's metalcore roots. In 2019 the band went into Blackwave Studio (Genoa) to record our second full-lenght, "Cycles", which was released in October 2019 via Hellbones Records (Rome).

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