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Behind The Artworks: GORLVSH - New City Vibe (2020)

Isaac: We liked the idea of keeping a Montreal thematic. On our split, we had the Biodôme on fire, and for this album, we wanted to use another part of our hometown. The building Farine Five Roses is pretty famous here. Its neon is like a disco light in the night sky. It’s a good symbol of a dead past, the shadow of a production site that keeps shining despite its decay. For me, this neon is a great example of what the French author Philippe Muray called “L’Esprit de la Fête”. This world is built around the idea that Death must be confronted, not with spiritual answers, but constant parties, festivals, global children empire where we close our eyes in a glimpse of ecstasy. This building is dead, but its neon is almost a party sign, covering its end.

Instead of using the same sign, we decided to photoshop the title of our album, “New City Vibe”. We love the result. It shows a building that dominates the city with its neon working as a mantra. “New City Vibe” is meant to be the summary of our times. Decadence, hypersexualisation, late-stage capitalism, pessimism, spiritual crisis. The neon is, on our artwork, a reminder of this new vibe, and at the same time, people will think it’s a party sign, telling you to go waste yourself in shitty streets. Big up to our friend Carlos Rojo, who worked his ass on this amazing artwork.

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