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Behind The Artworks: Held In Secret - Nomads (2020)

Our album art is a traditional First Nations battle-ax, we decided upon it because it's a symbol of strength in unity, a symbol of rebellion, and a symbol of freedom. White men invaded America in 1492, then again in 1534, then again ever since. We stole the land from the Natives, we assimilated them, torn their families apart, forcing the children to forget their culture, and white men gave them diseases and forced them to live packed like sardines in the middle of the woods while we build skyscrapers on top of their cemeteries. We used the ax because it's a battle call, White, Black, Latino, Asian, Alien, or anything in between, we must not forget our fellow humans confined in the forest, without clean water, or proper education. Let us stand together as one, as humans, as Nomads.

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