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Behind The Artworks: SPELL - Opulent Decay (2020)

We spent a long time searching for the perfect cover artwork for this album. We didn’t want to use something that’s been used before or has become cliche in the heavy metal community. We feel that our music is a bit different than what others are doing, and we wanted our album cover to reflect that. In Vancouver there is an ancient bookstore with endless piles of used books and a giant basement overflowing with disorganized dusty stacks that have been there for decades. I spent days exploring this basement, searching for inspiration. Eventually, I found a book of art by Max Ernst (the German Dadaist/Surrealist). I’ve been a big fan of his for years, but I had never seen ‘The Eye of Silence’ before. When I opened the book and saw it, I was in awe. I knew it was perfect, and luckily I was able to license it from the Estate of Max Ernst.

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