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Behind The Tracks: Future Misters - Tension (Single) (2020)

A lot of the songs we’ve been writing lately are simple and fast, which is the approach we took to writing “Tension”. For this song in particular, we had the opening drum beat down early in the infancy of our band which we revisited later on. The other melodies came into fruition based off of the drum beat. The lyrics went through many changes, as they always do, and even though it has been recorded and released, there are still few ideas for lyrics or new expressions that come to mind when we play it.

As far as the meaning, it can be interpreted a number of ways, but I mainly tried to convey a relationship between us and our world in an orderly disorder. When writing these lyrics I try not to think too much into them, because I tend to overthink and disrupt simple songs with complexity. The artwork was done by our good friend Alex Margol, who also hosts shows with his roommates at their house in Kalamazoo called The Velvet Cowboy. We like his style, and all of our friends down there are genuine, talented artists and people who’ve always welcomed us with open arms.

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