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Behind The Tracks: Letters To Part - Ascian (Single) (2020)

Ascian is a song that stemmed from guitar parts I created back in 2016. I’d somewhat shelved it, at the time, given we were working on the LP. After solidifying our new lineup, we completed it as a band.

“Ascian” is about feeling like a ghost in a relationship - Not having your feelings valued, and having your loved one ignore you.

When creating the lyrics, I wanted to try something new. I’d written about love before, and didn’t want it to be the same old thing, so I wrote about my parents which created something more raw and genuine.

The majority of the new EP “Mad’ouk” is storied behind my family: How their generation glorified masculinity and belittled women.

Being a part of a new generation, I realized that people are generally a product of what people make you believe. This is why it’s so important to have a progressive mindset and defer from that by setting a proper tone of how to act. -Y’shua, Vocalist of Letters to Part

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