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Interviews: Red Calling

On this new occasion, we have had the opportunity to interview the Hard Rock band Red Calling from the USA. Check out the interview and follow the band on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Where does the band name come from?

Red represents passion and desire, its a very emotionally intense color. I strongly think we all have a calling in our lives, wether you think of this as a spiritual calling or as a more pragmatic approach to living a life full of purpose. For us, Music is our passion and our calling.

2. What drew you to hard rock initially?

Was there a band that you remember making you think "this is it!"? Hard rock is very intense and flexible in that it can be fused with other genres easily, like electronic music, metal etc. We love heavy guitar riffs and we have to admit it's a catharsis as well, it helps us purging a lot of our emotional energy. Bands like Korn, Alter Bridge, Linkin Park, etc inspired us to take this road.

3. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Yes, Javier (guitar player) and Luis (bass player) are siblings. I’m married to Javier, we were best friends before forming the band. Deven (drummer) is a very talented musician that joined our band later on 2019, we had a ton of friends in common.

4. Each band member's favorite band?

My favorites are Deftones, Radiohead, Lacuna Coil and The gathering. Javier’s favorites are Architects and Korn Deven’s loves Alter Bridge and Tremonti Luis favorites are Thrice , 10 Years and Linkin Park

5. Who or what inspires you to write songs?

We tend to tap into our feelings, sometimes we write about our past personal experiences, random thoughts about life, death, love, relationships. Also, current world events or situations. For example our song “The Hunter” is about mass shootings

6. Tell us about your favorite gig?

We’ve had the honor to share the stage with so many amazing bands like Candlebox, Saliva, Lit, Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, Hed PE, Mushroomhead, Adema, Otep among others. But our personal favorite was opening for 10 Years in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a very special show in a super cool theater with one of our favorite bands ever, we had a great time hanging out with bands and fans.

7. Where is your dream venue?

Hammerstein Ballroom in New York is an awesome venue, we’d love to do a live video there.

8. Your new single "I Had It All" is about fear and anxiety keeping you from fighting for what's important, can you elaborate on this? Was this written from a personal point of view?

Yes, it was. Fear, anxiety, depression and insecurity can paralyze us, making us mentally handicapped in a way. These feelings can cripple decision making, hinder success and the ability to establish long lasting relationships. Most of times the source of all this is lack of faith and validation, we gotta try and find the source, fight and move on.

9. Is there anyone on the dream list to collaborate with musically?

Yes, we’d love to collaborate musically with Jonathan Davis (Korn), Alter Bridge, Deftones and Die Antwoord (because they are so different and original)

10. Jessica, what was the adjustment like moving from Venezuela?

Was it initially tough to break into the American music scene? It was kinda hard to leave family and friends behind but it was a necessary step to move forward in my music career. I was born and raised in a small oil town with lots of american oil companies. I was heavily influenced by my parent's friends music tastes of rock, brit rock, pop, blues and progressive rock, so language and culture was never an issue. Being a touring musician in an all-girls rock band In Venezuela made it even easier, so it was like a natural step to take. I was very lucky to meet great musicians and friends here in Florida that introduced me to the music scene, it felt like home, it wasn’t tough at all.

11. Now that the new single is out, what's next?

We’ll have another single ready in the next couple months. We’re planning on releasing a new EP later this year. Hopefully we’ll be back on stage once all this virus thing goes away.

12. Anything else to add?

Please check out our new video for “I Had it All” and stay tuned for our next release! You can find merch and all social media links at Please stay strong and positive, have faith and keep music alive! Thanks guys!

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