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Track By Tracks: Amarah - Azraël (2020)

1. Intro:

The introduction puts us in the mood of the EP. He is an old man who talks about his relationship to life but especially about his relationship to death and how he expects death. The whole EP deals with the passion of life but the fact of not denying death.

2. Meurs:

It’s a song about death, a song where I get close to death and I spit out my hatred and anger because it only symbolizes sadness.

3. Sous le ciel:

It’s a song about love relationships and separation above all. All of our tracks are melancholy because the subjects we cover are poignant an deep, humans in fact.

4. Moments:

It’s a song about the last moments with a loved one that we accompany in these and our last moments.

In the previous EP, PRESQU’ÎLE, we dealt with the condition of the elderly in retirement centers ect ..., loneliness and rape. All our songs deal with a subject concerning absolutely everyone !!!!!

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