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Track By Tracks: Balcony Talk - Calendar Daze (2020)

Iamlostwithoutyou is that song that can have multiple meanings. I purposely left the chorus open to interpretation so the listener can apply it to any situation they find themselves in. What the song means to me is how empty one can feel when abandoning something that once gave them so much life. A little fun fact is the mannequins shown in the music video symbolize emptiness.

Scapegoat is a song I wrote based on my family. To me, I owe everything to them and when I see the struggles they go through I can't help but wish to take their pain away and become their scapegoat. I believe this song is relatable to many people whether it’s applied to family, a friend, or lover.

Why seven eight nine was written for someone very close to me involved in an abusive relationship. The frustration that can come from watching someone you love go through such traumatic events and continue to call it love can be damaging for everyone. The title illustrates the act of violence. 7 being the abuser, 8 (ate) being the act of violence and 9 being the victim.

Cut My Nose (To Spite My Face) is a song about change. Over the years, bad habits can form and sometimes those habits are very hard to correct. Self punishment and frustration can be heard in a very personal lyric applied from my own life “I’m gonna get tattoos then take them off, i like the way it burns my skin it’s a form of punishment”.

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