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Track By Tracks: Dyatlove - Dyatlove (2020)

1. Pass The Heavens:

Pass the heavens is the most progressive song we have on the EP we really tried to work the dynamics of heavy and pretty in this song. Lyrically the song speaks to the despair of wanting more and not feeling good enough but not knowing how to go about it. Something that everyone can relate to.

2. Empty Lungs:

This is the first song Sam and I wrote together and what we felt the band was going to sound like moving forward. I feel like it is classically the heaviest song on the EP with the least amount of lyrics. At the time we really wanted the drone and doom to be the appealing factor and initially thought of having no lyrics on it at all. As we starting jamming it more we realized we are going to be a band with vocals and we should embrace Sams' talents rather than dismiss them.

3. Fragile Fixation:

This is the single and we shot a music video for this song. Sam had gone away for a bit on a getaway and came back with the idea for this song. Once we all heard the lyrics and the vocal melody we knew it was one that would be the more classically structured songs but also the song that most people would gravitate to right away. Lyrically it is about the pull of depression and not knowing how to get out of it and how it can take over your entire frame of thinking. Understanding you are hurting people but not knowing how to get out of it.

4. Old Haunts:

The final song on the EP and the most diverse. It is kind of the evolution of the band. It starts off with just Sam and I, guitars and vocals, then processes into a full band. In part 3 it gets really pretty and emotional. Fun fact, the trumpet solo at the end of the song is played by Jay Phelps, my cousin and jazz musician from London UK. Lyrically it begins dealing with the crushing anxiety that can come with loneliness and again progresses into the feeling of hope that you can overcome these feelings and you can put them to rest once and for all. The music follows the lyrical content. As it starts dark and heavy it then gets uplifting as lyrically he is lifting himself out of the dark hole he found himself it. It then transitions into the pretty part as he says goodbye to the Old Haunts that kept those depressive cycles going.

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