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Track By Tracks: Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy - Glam Not Slam (2020)

1. Worthless Intro You Will Skip:

Our album opener has a title which is about as self explanatory as it gets. This is a parody of death metal bands and their boring intros which are completely unneeded. This was the one time on the album where we tried to make it as boring and unnecessary as possible while not being dumb.

2. Knights In Slammin' Service:

This song was actually the first song written after our 8.1.2. EP and features mostly upbeat groove and fast riffing, while being catchy and memorable. Knights in Slammin' Service is a play on the "Knights in Satan's Service", which is what some people seem to think KISS stands for.

3. My Studies at the Slamming Brutal Death University:

This song is dedicated to all the slammers out there that have their University/Education on facebook set to "Slamming Brutal Death University". The song starts out with a classic "Sheeeeit" from Clay Davis (The Wire). The track itself is mostly a slowpaced Groove stomper with a few faster riffs.

4. Some Kisses:

Some Kisses is titled as such because we wanted to make a song title that was basically the softest song title we could think of. What's softer than some kisses? This track is actually pretty far from soft though. It features some of the most difficult riffs on the whole album as well as some crushing groove.

5. 8.1.2. and Life (Pitriffs Gone Wild):

If you're unfamiliar with the band Skid Row, you might think that this song title is one of the dumbest song titles you've heard, but even if you have, you still might think that. This song has some very strange vocal patterns and some acrobatic riffing. Also a great intro clip from youtuber, Vegan Gains.

6. I Bless The Slams Down In Africa:

This is actually the only song on the whole album with lyrics. The lyrics are a straight parody of Toto's Africa and are about as dumb as they come. This might be one of the catchiest tracks on the album and is fairly memorable.

7. 10,000 Slam Thots (In One):

T.N.T. was one of the best hair metal bands from the 80's and most people who pick up our album will never understand the reference. It's a parody of the song title "10,000 Lovers (In One)". This song (Like TNT) has some very acrobatic and strange riffing styles. It might be the oddest track on the whole album. Lots of time and tempo changes. Even some "funeral slam".

8. Overnight (Slammin' Brutal Death Metal) Sensation:

The hair metal band Firehouse has this great track named Overnight Sensation. Which is what it felt like when we put out our 8.1.2. EP. Maybe that's a stretch. This track starts out kinda standard BDM style but eventually features some odd time signatures and time changes that mix things up quite nicely. It's no Defeated Sanity, but hopefully you'll dig it.

9. Pour Some Pitriffs On Me:

This track, a shoutout to the awful song "Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard, is actually not awful. We think it's pretty good. And thanks to Slam Worldwide, it might get 0.000001% of the plays as the original. We played around quite a bit with tempo changes in this song and it's a bit of a mind melter.

10. No Ghey Black Metal (Only Good Shit):

If there was a black sheep on this album, it would no doubt be this track. Almost all of these riffs and song ideas aren't "slam". You could even say this track might be atmospheric. And if you remember the Black Metal Idol video on youtube, you might remember the ridiculous sample.

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