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Track By Tracks: GORLVSH - New City Vibes (2020)

1. Don't Miss the Shot:

Our earliest show opener, 2nd song we ever wrote, showcases pretty much all the stuff we do as a band, crazy timing riffs, punky d beat riffs, lots of fuzz. The lyrics are a warning that we will unveil the truth behind all the modern fools’ lies, pretending to live in great times although they are all happily depressed. So if they want to shut our mouth they better don’t miss the shot.

2. New City Vibe:

Our attempt to write a pop tune but really heavy! It’s all about the thematic of the album: decadence, party spirit, childish empire, depression and sex.

3. Wait For Me:

Our attempt to rip off nails and be heavy AF, this is also the song where we finally nailed down the tone we wanted from the unconventional bass rig. This song is a dramatic one built around the idea of loss and decline. 

4. Shep One is Down:

Our attempt to rip off a tune from Converge's last record, but diverged immediately and became something totally different, far slower and more atmospheric than the average Gorlvsh tune. The song is about the failures of the Catholic Church, inspired by my reading of “La subversion du christianisme” by the amazing Jacques Ellul.

5. Wolves Against Wolves:

I wanted to call this song Social Justice Vampire but the guys were scared by their stupid social justice warrior friends. At the end, it is still about the craziness of all the social justice warrior puddle, its excesses and stupidities. It’s a fast song because sometimes you gotta go fast, sort of a grand opus. attempting to see how far we can travel from the initial riff, pushing our boundaries.

6. I Don't Want to Survive:

Our most successful attempt to date in getting the Gorlvsh sound dialed in, and a fun exercise in building slower riffs, probably our most violent song, Noah has his favourite riff we've written to date. The lyrics are about melancholy, the desire to live in others, all the social media chaos.

7. Wake:

Exploring what we can do with bass chords and showcasing our sensitive side for a change, also a perfect excuse to build up a gorgeous middle part and see how much we could get it to sound like Converge's The Dusk in Us. It’s a hopeful song, but this hope is only possible with a loved one, not the rest of us. Love is the greatest gift, and the only door to escape mediocrity.

8. 007:

We tried to make the synthiest heaviest riffs we could think of, and failing miserably, just saw where they took us. It's like taking a journey into riff-filled land, but with bass instead of weed. There are no vocals in this one because I thought it was an amazing song showing Noah and Nick’s skills together. Like the best jam track possible. Like 007, he doesn’t need to talk to be stylish.

9. Too Many Will Try:

Our true-er to Gorlvsh poppy song, also an excuse to write the dumbest most technical Noah could and see if Nick could play it. It has the dumbest lyrics ever, where I am using stupid metaphors to show we will stand whenever the fight. A last hope and brave song, kind of interesting during this COVID crisis.

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