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Track By Tracks: Held In Secret - Nomads (2020)

We begin our journey as an infant would and as all of us have, but in some cases, the people whose sole purpose is to protect you, seem to want nothing short of the opposite. In the song Ties, we explore how Trauma goes on from generation to generation, inflicting pain because they've been harmed. The only way out of it sometimes is to sever the ties you have with that person.

We continue on with Nomads, the title track. It's a song about history of pain and disrespect, it's a song about genocide and oppression of the Native American Culture. We must stand together and end this propaganda, allow the Native people access to clean water, and proper education. Stop the racist councilmen who let this injustice happen right in their counties. Never bow to them. We understand. Help is on the way. We will soon see the world be returned to Nomads.

Downcast is a song that talks about the toll of mental illness, how sometimes it seems no matter how much or how fast you run you're never going to reach your goal. 300 million people worldwide suffer from Depression and some of Held In Secret's members have or still are struggling with it. We at Held In Secret are advocates for therapy, if you or a loved one is suffering, please say something, it could save your life.

Our fourth track is called Gaïa, and it was written after a dream of mine where I awoke before Mother Nature and had to solely be held responsible for all of mankind's actions, her fury, and rage couldn't be contained, and she yelled at me " Where the fuck were you? When my home was burned away when my history was changed? As I'm bleeding through this page? In my history of rage, you set my world ablaze " I had to appease her wrath and so in the chorus when I sing "Your glaring eyes, they keep me going, I'm here to speak your name today" I'm declaring my love for her and telling her that I will be the one to deliver her message.

Static is a song that I wrote after a friend of mine passed away from Fentanyl laced Cocaïne, he was a well-loved musician in my town and he disappeared overnight, David and I actually saw him on the night that he passed. He was headed to a party, we were headed home. He never made it out of that party. This song is a message to everyone afflicted by addiction and WE URGE YOU to test your product when you get it if you choose to continue in your habits. At least make sure it's clean and make sure that you have a Naloxone kit at home, it could save either you or a loved one's life.

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