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Track By Tracks: The KillerHertz - Innocent Sinners (2020)

1. Innocent Sinners:

The title track on our upcoming EP - first time we included cowbell; it gave the tune a more rock n roll approach too it. When we wrote the song, we had an idea of making it a live tune, mainly because of the drum section in the middle. The song is about love and all the complications that follows - metaphorical speaking it needs two to tango in a relationship, but you can´t dance.

2. Ill Addictive romance:

The “ballad” on our EP, well a tune perhaps for the wider audience. The keys was actually meant to just fill the background, with some long tunes, but it turned out that we could use it as a theme in the song, which turned out pretty well. In search for love, and when you almost have it, it just slips right through the fingers….and what to do about when you finally have it? Love can be an addiction, but not always in a positive way.

3. Foodchain Victim:

This is actually a tune we really like to play in the rehearsal room, it has a certain vibe and dynamic too it as a performer, mainly because of the transitions where we added an extra quarter note before going to the chorus. it is the only song on the EP that we haven’t performed live yet - so we are a very excided to play this one live. The song is about people in general, who lacks responsibility and having other people deciding what they should do with their life.

4. Kom Tilbage nu:

This is our first song in our mother language Danish - It´s an old song from 86, and its written by a Danish band called Danseorkestret. A very popular song and still is, almost everybody knows this song in Danmark. We started playing it live, because it has a good vibe and energy to it - and with a high tempo, that fits perfectly into our setlist. All percussions on the track is actually played by a Jakob Andersen from Danseorkestret, and he is the music video too, which we are most proud of. The song is about girl leaves guy, and he want her back.

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