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Track By Tracks: Omniarch - Omniarch (2020)

1. Caligula:

This song is about the wicked Roman Emperor, Caligula. We wanted to start the album with an explosion instead of a long, drawn-out build-up. So the vocals, double-kicks and guitars kick off the album, and our live show, with a bang. But it can’t always be full-on craziness, so the middle clean section gives the song space to spread out and change the feel before stampeding back in. We used some samples of marching troops and a Roman warhorn at the end to give it an ominous military feel. The lyrics are tales of Caligula’s depraved exploits, as well as ramblings from the infamous Caesar’s own mouth.

2. A Voracious Awakening:

This song is about lycanthropy. A man awakens in a forest surrounded by corpses. He is horrified, confused, and alone. As the song goes along, the man comes to terms with his condition, and welcomes it, in a way. This song is a bit of a departure for us, sound-wise. There’s a lot of harmony and melody to it, while still being a heavy song.

3. Humanaut:

A bleak future. Mankind has exhausted our fertile earth. And a man, the last astronaut alive, watches his beloved planet dying while his ship and suit run out of oxygen. There’s some really frenetic, rippin guitarwork in this song, which we hope adds to the plight of the astronaut. We’re not really a breakdown-y band, but we put in a part in the middle that just chugs and chugs.

4. Ohm Cairn:

If you look carefully at those words, you may find another word hidden within. This song tells the tale of the Omniarch and his conquest of worlds. 250 bpm, fast for us, keeps the song flying along. This song definitely harkens back to our influences and shows a wide variety of them in different places. Trade-off solos lead into the “Tone of the Black Hole” part and this ripper ends in a slammy, caveman sort of way.

5. Wrath of Erymanthos:

A tale of being eaten alive by pigs. It was initially called, you might have guessed it, Eaten Alive by Pigs, but that just didn’t suit us or the song. There's plenty of ancient mythology on this record, and this is no exception. The Erymanthian Boar was one of the Labours of Heracles...but we’re not gonna get into too much detail. This song is another mixed bag of influences and styles that we made our own. There’s a spaced-out, delay soaked, Latin-feeling part thrown in there amongst the thrashy, death-metal heavy riffs.

6. Pathfinder:

This song is about doing what makes you happy, and being who you truly are. I feel like this is something we all struggle within our daily lives. To find that, to harness what drives you is very empowering. Conceptually, it’s quite different from the rest of the material, but it certainly fits our sound. Dueling leads, plenty of harmonies, and the Megadeth-iest outro of all time set this song apart on the album.

7. Ursa Major:

Morgan and Mason have had an iteration of this song going for many, many years. It took Omniarch coming together to get this vast and varied song to see the light of day. This song tells the tale of Callisto and her son Arcas, and their ill-fated brush with the gods. Callisto is turned into a bear, and is hunted and almost killed by her son. But she will have her revenge. Definitely read the lyrics on this one! Simply put, this song has everything indicative of our sound. Arpeggios, extended trade-off solos, complex riffs, 3 part guitar harmonies, breakdowns, and all while telling a fabled story. Some of our finest work.

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