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Track By Tracks: Our Hate - Defiled Evil By (2020)

1. Speak To Me:

With nostalgia, someone looks back on life from his death and sees how he is forgotten, despite close friendships and having done a lot for certain people. He longs but gets no attention, leaving him frustrated.

2. Defiled By Evil:

Psychopath’s brain would be a biological ‘mistake’. What drives someone to lose all sense of reality and turn into a gruesome murder machine? This question is asked in “Defiled By Evil”. Appropriate answers will not be given but we know that nobody is safe when a psychopath is near!

3. Together As One:

The third song on the EP has been created after we got well-friends with the Spanish band Vendetta FM. A shout out to friendship and positivism! For “Together As One" we couldn't but work with singer Jacob Camara, and let him take a verse for his account… in his own language!

4. Remorse Of A Serialkiller:

Remorse Of A Serialkiller is also about psychopath, but through the eyes of the victim and the consequences that his actions have brought.

5. Punisher:

The last song on the EP is a nod to everyone’s favorite vigilante and describes how a man, whose family was brutally murdered, takes control and wants to take revenge at any cost. He has so much anger and determination that he turns into a “Punisher".

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