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Track By Tracks: Rising Sunset - De Mysterium Tenebris (2020)

1. Storm over the citadel:

This track is about the evil within the institutions whether political and religious. The dark deeds, wrong doings and greed for power that we see today.

2. Gluttons of the pre-diluvian:

This is about the resurgence of the wicked. Malignancy and malevolence roams within our cultures worse than ever before.

3. Serpent of Eden:

This track is about the beginning of mankind and its primordial transgression leading to rebellion and maliciousness. It is also about the beginning of evil, about how and why impiety and suffering entered human experience and stayed there.

4. The book of Enoch:

The apocryphal text which is prone to confuse and distracts from truth. A person that can portrays himself as being a stylish and trustworthy individual which at the end will deceive you with his pleasant words.

5. The Harlot riding the beast:

A scene from the apocalypse. The abominations of the earth and end times. The harlot here is the person that abuses of his powers (the beast) to restrain the world, the people, the institutions.

6. Rise of the Behemoth’s agony:

This track can be described as the abolition of all things that are harming the human race. The wicked will rise and at first will control the world through false believes but at the end they would have risen for their own demise.

7. De Mysterium Tenebris:

Translated from the Latin language as ‘The mystery of darkness’. This track is the title track of the album and it’s about the dark journey, mysticism and the stages of metamorphosis that will happen on Earth as the souls of humanity are aligned with the supreme being or condemned for eternity. 

8. Fate of the Tribulation:

This track speaks about the morbid end of a degenerate culture. It’s a period of time where humankind will experience global hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will affect all of creation. 

9. Abode of the living dead:

The beasts of society who seem to attack out of a sense of envy, pride, greed and wrath. These beings have one thing in common, they seem to inhabit the interstices between life and death, health and disease and thus they lodge the very places that cause us the greatest terror worldwide. Basically, it’s a vision of hades.

How did you write the songs?

The songs are normally written having the lyrics in mind. For the composition of De Mysterium Tenebris, the lyrics were written beforehand by a friend of mine who is close to the band. The general structure of a song (Intro, Verses, Choruses, etc) is crafted by me (Carlo Calamatta, founding member & guitarist/ vocalist) in my personal studio then presented to the rest of the members. Together we then form the melodies, various riffs and vocals arrangements. Further adjustments are then made in the studio and finally, we practice the song in its entirety to push it to its full potential.

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