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Track By Tracks: SVEN GALI - SVEN GALI (2020)

1. Kill the Lies:

So kill the lies was a rough idea we had when we arrived in NYC to record we went to David’s house to hang out and we started putting it together in a smoke-filled kitchen sipping on something… the next morning we got to work and it was great to be in the room again with David 25 years later laughing about all the trouble we got into bouncing ideas around. We ended up spending 10 days in New York with a goal of eating at a different restaurant each night, I think we toured the world in New York! Oh ya ...the song, it was recorded at Hidden Door.

2. Break Me:

Break me of all the songs reminded me of recording at London Bridge in Seattle, you show up on the first day with the song and realize your idea was shit. So, hey fuck it, let's write it in the studio! It seems like fun …. Not really until you start to find it. Somebody will do something cool and all our heads pop up. So, we ended up with this cool music that needed vocals. On the way out to the studio, I played the track over and over just singing anything that came to my head, by the time I got there I was screaming this song is going to BREAK ME …. Light went off!........ recorded at Jukasa

3. NOW:

The core of the song was written in Seattle; it was an idea that was never finished that we all really liked and I still can't remember why we didn’t finish a version of it then. I think the music gods were trying to tell us something, Dan really holds it down and we rebuilt her from the bottom up. I enjoyed recording this song because everyone contributed cool ideas and the addition of Dan and Sean brought the heavy out. Andy added some disturbing piano notes at the end and Jon Howard who co-produced the song with us got to scream his head off with me. It was the first time we have ever recorded separately, meaning we were not in the studio together because of schedules, we just went in did our parts, every time we would go in something changed which sparked ideas and was a fresh twist on writing for us.

4. Hurt:

Written in 1992, it was a song that we played for the first time on tour in Europe. We were looking for a fun heavy live song to play and although it never made the second record, we continued to play it live and was a fan favourite. The song lyrically was written while Dee was watching a Dracula movie… he said, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will survive”. so, we built off that and 26 years later it found it home on “3”

This project started in 2018, Dan called me 1 afternoon and had asked if I would like to drop by, we had all kinda stepped away from music, Sven Gali and Varga, good friends and label mates on BMG/RCA Records 25 years later got together for a beer and decided to settle some unfinished business.

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