Track By Tracks: THEOSOPHY - Towers Of Dark Pantheon (2020) - Breathing The Core


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sábado, 4 de abril de 2020

Track By Tracks: THEOSOPHY - Towers Of Dark Pantheon (2020)

1. Towers of Dark Pantheon:

This song about the concept of religion in general. Somewhere in heaven - carefree feast, on Earth complete devastation and death (relevant in our time). A brave man tries his best to express his anger to the gods about this. But they only waved him away, as if from a miserable sliver and the feast continued.

2. Curse of Ak-Kadyn:

In 1993, a group of archaeologists discovered an untouched mound in the Altai mountains. The find amazed them and all world community.

The mummy in the mound was called the Altai Princess or Ak-Kadyn (in the local language). According to one assumption, the woman was a shaman. The mummy was badly treated during exhumation, and then taken to another region. After that, earthquakes, fires and floods came to Altai.

Many attributes this to the described case...

3. Where Thunder Reigns:

This song about Thunder God from Scandinavian mythology - Thor. About his courage and exploits and also briefly describes his story.

4. Full Moon Triumph:

The gates of an old cemetery open a portal to the Underworld. The light of the moon illuminates the triumph of evil and the beginning of unrest. Open your soul and let in the icy sounds of Full Moon Triumph.

5. Old Stone in the Woods:

Under of various physical and tectonic processes some stone appeared...

The pristine World appeared, landscape changed, life was born, religion was born, Bible stories flashed. But only the scenery changed around...

6. The Sword of Erlik:

Erlik is the God of Death in Turkic and Altai mythology. He is not a "classic bad God," as in Christianity. Of course, he sows discord and confusion, pain and illness, but he guards and protects the peace of the dead.

7. Even the Dead Cast Shadows:

A lone traveler, wandering through rather strange places, disobeys the advice to avoid the forest. Terrible things are happening there ...

A storm began and the traveler decided to take refuge from bad weather in this forest. He went into a clearing where no one was there, but a fire was burning. Only silhouettes circled around the fire, the traveler thought that he was tired or crazy and decided to leave this place. But he was stopped and never left this forest again.

8. From Eternity to Past :

What will be after your death? Only eternity in dark! But life goes and is born of Chaos. Your life born from Chaos too. And maybe in the future your molecules will collide into a new organism and you will see a new flash of light and will live this cycle again.

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