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Band Biographies: GREEN ARROWS

GREEN ARROWS was founded in the beginning of 1999 in Bolzano, in the far northern Italy, from three young guys from the punk&hardcore scene of the city.

The first years of the band were characterize from a very intense live activity mostly acted in the North East of Italy.

In the mid of 2001 the band made its appearance in a release, publishing three songs in a compilation.

This product summed at the constant presence on the flyer procured a contract with the Italian independent label Vacation House Records.

In 2002, they came out with their first album “The Sky“: the album collects all the songs written in the first years of activity of the band, where the guys tried to create their own style, combining all the different music styles that are spinning around the hardcore, but without taking a precise direction.

These experimentations seem does not convince the band, that after radical and numerous line-up changing (returning in a power-trio), tried with the second album “The Earth” in 2008 to fix their style restricting the range of sonority between the east coast hardcore and the crossover.

The big changes arrived in 2010 when after leaving the Vacation House Records the band entered in B.S.Recs, and in 2011, they released their third l.p., “Rising from a Burning Desease“.

This new album signed the change in the style that brought the Green Arrows to modify the drafting of the songs for keeping them more concrete and effective, clutching more closely their sound and leaving away the contamination with external genres outside the subgenres of hardcore. The beginning of 2012 was distinguish with a line-up extension with the joining of a second guitarist and with the release of “Face the Truth“, their fourth studio album. This product, for chronological and stylistic matters, can be consider the natural continuation of “Rising from a Burning Desease“.

In mid-2013, they released the fifth album “One Life to Fight“, that contained an evolution in the sonority seeking more harmonization on the new-school/post-hardcore way. In this period, the band gave the impactful the line-up change: the band decided to gain more involvement of the public during show focusing on the figure of the frontman. Therefore, the band joined a bassman freeing the singer from the task of playing an instrument.

In 2016 came to life the sixth album “Our Reality“, were the post-hardcore harmonization idea was amplified, joining it to a beatdown hardcore style, just strongly present in the last albums.

The following years sees an evolution of the image of the band that started with the definition of endorsement agreements, development of the social media contacts and the intensification of merchandising collaboration.

In September 2018 the band releases with P.C.Records (in common jewel case and also in digipack) their seventh studio product, the concept album “Live.Love.Burn.Die“ and concurrently in collaboration with Rebel Records puts on the market the reprinting of the 4 album released at first with B.S.Recs. in a bonus version:

“Rising from a Burning Desease” and “Face the Truth” were released with complete new artworks and in add to “RfaBD” a track-list extension with 3 bonus tracks (original versions of 3 songs recorder in 2004 with an uncommon line-up then released as power-trio in 2008 on “The Earth“), while “One Life to Fight” and “Our Reality” were released in digipack.

In January 2019 B.S.Recs announce the reissue of “Rising from a Burning Desease” in vynil LP for for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band and the 10th anniversary of the label. The LP will be release in three different colors: marble gray, brass yellow, black and a very limited edition of test pressings.

The following month Green Arrows announces the agreement with two new clothing brands for the endorsing and the definition of an official dealer for the U.S.A. market with dedicated t-shirt’s lines.

In March 2020, forced to stop the touring due CoViD emergency, the band start the production of their eighth studio album.

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