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Band Biographies: Hellucination

Hellucination is born in Rome October 2010 with Massimiliano (Bass), Andrea (Drums), Lorenzo, and Francesco (Guitars).

The four start jamming together with good regularity, writing lots of material already since the first months.

At the end of 2010, they start playing live with good consistency in their hometown. After a few months of transition, in May 2011 Luca joins permanently the band as its vocalist. The five guys then start improving and revising the old material, reaching the summer of 2011 when they begin recording a first EP.

In the meantime, the band starts getting known playing live frequently in the metal shows of the capital city.

At the start of 2013, Giuliano joins the band as new vocalist, and in March the band releases their first 3-tracks EP "RUINS".

In 2013 they did their first European tour in Slovakia and Polonia.

In 2014, with Giuliano and Massimiliano's departure, Simone joins the band as a new bass player and Francesco becomes the new vocalist of the band.

In March 2015 the band's first full-length album "KATABASIS" sees the light of day.

In 2017 they sign for the roman label Time To Kill Records and in the same year, their second full-length album is registered, mixed, and mastered by Stefano Morabito at 16th Cellar Studio.

In March 2018 the band releases "OVERHUMANIST", the first single of the new full-length album "MULTIVERSE", which is released in May 2018. In the same month, Silvia joins the band as a new bass player.

In 2019 they did various live shows and festivals in Italy and Europe.

In February 2019 they became endorsers for Skull strings and they made them signature strings.

In June 2019 they became endorsers for Nologo picks and the made signature picks. In September 2019 they became endorsers for Minotaur Guitar Straps. In 2020 will be plan a European tour.

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