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Band Biographies: NEON ANGEL

Our story begins one winter night back in 2015. Tuomas was restless, drifting in and out of sleep. Somewhere between dream and reality, an angelic figure appeared. She introduced herself as Neon Angel, guardian spirit of rockers, rebels and other outcasts. She spoke with a fierce passion, but there was also a deep sadness in her voice. She told how people had begun to lose their ability to love and breathe music. Tuomas was mesmerized by her stories and it seemed like hours had passed by. Until suddenly the room was filled with a thunderous sound, like one thousand electric guitars all playing the same riff. "Here is my gift, use it wisely", the angel announced and disappeared.

Morning came and the riff was still echoing in Tuomas' head, along with a sensation that something unusual had happened during the night. Before it would fade from his memory, he quickly made a crude demo recording of a song that would later be known as "Neon Angel".

It was clear that the song needed a strong female voice. Who could've been a better choice than Johanna who had the necessary attitude and roughness, but also an angelic quality to her voice when needed. A perfect herald for the message of Neon Angel.

The band would not be complete without proper rhythm, so together they started to think who else would have a fitting sound and passion for this kind of music. Johanna came up with the idea to contact Tomas, who was known for his infectious bass lines, and true commitment to his instrument. Along came Juho, a synth wizard and multi-talented music enthusiast. He was well known for his involvement in the music scene of the notorious Hervanta.

Still they were missing the most important part of any band, the drummer. That proved to be the most difficult part of their journey so far. Eventually they found Johannes, whose sturdy beat and experience provided the back-bone that their sound craved for.

Now they were ready to spread Neon Angel's message to the world. From the streets, stories of the city.

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