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Originally we had not intended on releasing these tracks in any official capacity and as such there was no artwork set to accompany the singles. When the idea to release the tracks as 3 singles over a 3 month period, we decided that an artwork 'theme' to accompany them would be a great way to explore artwork options and ideas to go with the general theme of degradation and dehumanization.

We decided to follow a more 'photography' based route in the pursuit of artwork instead of computer generated or traditional artforms that often accompany extreme metal releases. This decision was made to ensure a real life aesthetic to match the songs themes was reached.

Friends of the band Ste Holland, a photography hobbyist and Joe Bromiley, Liverpool's Strongest Man both volunteered to get involved. A short period after receiving the song titles and concepts, Ste already had a plan, location and prop ideas for the shoot. Using a disused railway cabin near an Army shooting range in North Wales and a selection of props that were either made by us (fake syringes bought online) or found en route (traffic cone) we set up to create a pretty horrendous string of events for the pictures.

Third Degree Gurns, as the lyrical description tells, is about drug abuse so we naturally utilised the area the appear like a drug den, with the character appearing to have a rather bad reaction to the drugs.

Masturbational Burnout focused on the character having a good time with some images stuck to the walls of the cabin assuming nobody was watching.

Slovakian Traffic Cone shows a pretty grim scene inspired by the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase. Using the character, the aim was to look like he had been reaching new levels of sexual deprivation utilisation said cone with various bodily fluids being funnelled into his rectum for pleasure.

While sexual deprivation and drug abuse are common themes in the extreme music genre, we opted for a tongue-in-cheek approach to give it an almost 'British' sense of humour.

It's not decided whether we will continue this art style for the full length but the concept will continue.

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