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Behind The Artworks: Draemora - Awakening (2020)

Terry: When I was writing the EP the idea for the artwork came from statues that stood in front of fictional buildings like the ones in the Dark Souls series, Elder Scrolls, and Zelda games I have played throughout my life. I wanted them to look like gatekeepers, or like something you pass through at the end of a battle in one of those storylines. I originally didn’t want them to have a specific gender but, once I started to sketch some things out, I kept drawing two females facing away from each other. At first, they were two black silhouettes, but later the artist was going to make them what they are on the album cover. I was friends with a talented lady named Sarah Estrella who I knew could draw the female form like I was seeing in my head and I handed the idea off to her. My sketch was very crude so I had to try to explain what I wanted the best I could. I wanted it to have roots in the earth and the hair to be “Linked”. She sent me a photo of what she had come up with and I was blown away. They were black, as I asked for but she had also sent me some samples that she had colored in photoshop and I was instantly drawn to that so I photographed her 24x24 and brought it into PS and colored it. They look slightly different than my original idea but I think Sarah’s ideas and influence really make this cover a great representation of the music on the album. She is really amazing and I’m so glad we got to work together on this.

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