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Behind The Artworks: Dawn Of Ashes - The Antinomian (2020)

Vlad (graphic artist) and I discussed our goal with all of the details in the album artwork. Since we are both heavily inspired by the Silent Hill themes from all of the games. We incorporated that theme with the old 90s Industrial, distressed quality that bands used in their artwork back in the day such as Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Front Line Assembly, and Nine Inch Nails. The way we reflected the name of the album with the image displayed on the cover shows an almost shaman looking character holding a goat skull. Antinomianism is a very powerful form of practice within the Left Hand Path and is only meant for strong individuals who are following their own path. The image definitely shows some human godlike character with the symbol of the goat. The goat and the horned beast is another powerful symbol in the left hand path. An individual practicing Antinomianism can paint their own picture on how this cover can relate to their own path or beliefs and use it towards a mature form of rebellion.”

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