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Behind The Artworks: Dismal - Memento Mori (2020)

The art of the album is a photograph that was taken in the cemetery of Osorno city (Chile) being one of the oldest statues that make up that necropolis. The figure is shown blindfolded looking up at the sky with an expression of desolation. The incorporation of this image as a cover is intended to make a representation of man's condition in the face of life. Being one more ornament in a sea of graves, cenotaphs and forgotten names. The man in his blindness contemplates the sky with a futile hope and believes he can be helped, without realizing that he is part of the environment that consumes him.

In addition to the image used, for the cover, there is the Latin sentence “Mors stupebit et natura cum resurget creatura; quidquid latet apparebi. Liber scriptus proferetur in quo totum continetur unde ego non est iudicetur” which is part of the lyric of «Tuba Mirum» belonging to Mozart's requiem, which was slightly modified, to invert its meaning.

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