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Behind The Artworks: Faith & Scars - Revolver (2020)

The Album Cover for ‘Revolver’ was a long production. It was a statement, and we had a lot to say. Each detail was crafted with careful consideration, and represents a piece of us.

Worn Leather: Respect for those who have come before us, a hat tip to old school Rock & Roll

Roses: A visual representation of our ballads; These are for tender songs like ‘Fly’, & ‘Lightning

Wings: While these are a direct reference to our track ‘Fly’, the wings are also symbolic to our journey. They are there as a reminder to spread our wings and soar as high as we can. Keeping our dreams a priority Our Faith

Thorns: These represent the trials and tribulations endured to write this collection of songs; Our Scars

Smoke: Symbolic of our ‘shot’ being fired, and represents an uncertain future. 

The smoke screen that is difficult to see through makes us rely on our Faith as a guide.

Shine on Chrome & New Age Lettering: Represents a new product, a new era, the coming of a new age.

Revolvers: A metaphor; The music business can be rough. We wanted to make sure we were well equipped to take our next ‘shot’ in our future. There are 2 revolvers. This was a nod to our 1st release ‘Highway Ride’. It was important for us to show the evolution of ourselves, and to mark our 2nd record: ‘Revolver’

We’d like to thank Jon Fredericks of Record Time Designs for his hard work on the Album Art. He was great to work with, and really brought our vision to life!

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