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Behind The Tracks: Livingston – Show Me The Money (Single) (2020)

While waiting for their new record “This is a Robbery” to be released, LIVINGSTON are back with a new single, titled “Show Me the Money”. On this new song, Chris (guitar / keyboards) comments:  

“Well this one is a bit of a mutant. It’s a track that has come quite a long way with us and started it’s life as 2 completely different songs. A few years ago Chris and Phil had written an electro track called “Steam”. In case you’re wondering, I am Chris and yes, I just wrote about myself in the 3rd person. At pretty much the same time and “Steam” was written, Beukes had written another track which was kind of Hip Hop-esk which he called “Show Me the Money”. But at that stage we saw no connection between the two. About a year later I was driving to a holiday destination and I listened to both tracks and thought they might be interesting to somehow mould together. So when I arrived at my destination (to the delight of my girlfriend) I started to work on the mutant and then Show Me The Money was born.  

It took while longer before we started proper production on it, but we knew there was something special about it. As with all our songs, the meanings are kind of abstract. One of us might think it’s about one thing, and someone else thinks it’s about another. To me at least the song becomes some kind of a personification of money, as if it is a real person. It reminds me a bit about a documentary that I saw years ago called “The Corporation”. Similarly, there they psychoanalysed corporations as if they were a person. But as is the case will all our songs, you make up your own mind what the song is about to you. Cheesy but true.”

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