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Behind The Tracks: Perpetuals - Passive Witness (Single) (2020)

Passive Witness is a song that feels different from most of the other songs we’ve written. There was something about the way it came together. A few months ago we were asked to write a song for a film called Earth Day: 50 Years in the Making. We decided to revisit a song idea we had been sitting on for over a year. Within two weeks we worked around the clock on this song bouncing ideas off of each other until we felt it was good enough to bring forward to our producer. Once the mix was on its way, things really started falling into place. Within one month we reworked this song, wrote new lyrics, and even changed the name from Winter’s Walk to Passive Witness.

In our own growth as artists, we have come to cherish the inspiration that we draw from nature and we found ourselves an opportunity to write not just another song, but write a song that speaks volumes.

There is a line in the song that says, “We look ahead to our fate, but don’t feel the weight of this world we’ve given our children.” In a year where we have already seen fires fill an entire continent, threats of a third World War, and now a global pandemic, we hope the purpose and passion found in the writing of this song resonates with every listener.

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