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These three songs mark the end of the first chapter of Colpoclesis and the start of the current one. In early-2019 we announced the departure of founding members, Marc (vocals) and Karl (drums). With Jon (vocals) and Lewis (drums) taking their respective places.

With the new members, it was a chance for a fresh start for the band with an upgraded and enhanced sound. We’re now focussed on writing fully formed and (somewhat!) more mature songs with complete lyrics.

Slovakian Traffic Cone and Third Degree Burns were actually written with the previous singer and drummer, and slightly tweaked for the recording in October 2019 at Vagrant Studios with renowned producer, Tom Dring (Corrupt Moral Altar, Venom Prison, Dragged into Sunlight etc). Masturbational Burnout was the first complete song completely written with the current lineup.

As we discussed the direction, themes and ideas for our upcoming 2nd album, the concept of degradation was settled on. All of our recent songs can broadly be categorised under varying forms of degradation, be it through violence, drugs, sex, psychological abuse etc. We’re dead set on writing about human issues rather than any of the sci-fi, metaphysical or dungeons and dragons topics explored by others in the death metal scene. For any old fans worried that we’ve gone a bit too high brow, fear not, as we’re still melding the puns, British humour and ridiculous samples of our debut album, Fallopian Fallout into the new batch of songs.

Third Degree Gurns. Chosen as the first of the songs released, Third Degree Gurns mixes some of our fastest blasting to date with the caveman slams we’ve been known for. It was a natural choice for the first preview song and has been going down well with live crowds for months now.

This song centres on the use and abuse of drugs and illegal substances. This was loosely inspired by a tale told by a friend of the band, and somewhat exaggerated for comical effect! The song is about the protagonist self-medicating with a cocktail of every possible illegal substance to hand. He completely poisons himself, losing all bodily control with little self-regard for his health or surroundings resulting in a mighty inferno!

This wasn’t supposed to be a message about just saying no either, as we’re far from a straight edge band ourselves.

Masturbational Burnout was inspired by one of our guitarists colleagues, who complained one day about shooting pains in his forearms caused by his masturbation habits! The title was discussed and it didn’t taken much brainstorming for the lyrics to quickly came together!

The song delves into our generations growing porn obsession with the rise of the internet and the easy access to extreme pornography with our collective numbness to things once taboo. Theres a constant need for stimulation and instant gratification. In this case, masturbating beyond the point of enjoyment into a rather painful, compulsive habit.

Slovakian Traffic Cone. Lyrically this is about as blunt and to the point as possible, with the lyrics almost reading like a tutorial rather than any form of social commentary!

For those not yet well versed in the act, a quick trip to Urban Dictionary can fill you in (NSFW). The SFW summary is that it involves a regulation traffic cone, a willing partner and a complete purge of all bodily fluids!

This song was perhaps the most overt and obvious form of degradation. We hope to one day air it in Slovakia, and ask the locals if this is an urban legend or an actual local custom.

Now packaged as an EP by our new record label, Reality Fade Records. This trilogy gives a good preview of where we’re at as a band and the direction that writing is taking us. The album will explore further topics and themes centred on the process of human degradation and dehumanisation.

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