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Track By Tracks: Draemora - Awakening (2020)

1. Home:

Home is the most technical song on the EP; it's energetic and powerful. It's a powerful beginning to the EP and sets the tone for the album.

2. Dead Inside:

Dead Inside is more in the vein of a traditional metal song, although it has hints of slam and deathcore throughout as well as a great harmony in the chorus. 

3. Guilt:

This song starts off with a vocal and a guitar but quickly changes gears and enters areas that we compare to "Alien"-era Strapping young Lad moments. Very powerful and intense.

4. Reckoning:

This is a straight forward metal with a capital "M" type song with our particular brand of death metal double vocals and and breakdown that will snap your neck! 

5. Legion of Scum:

This is the heaviest song on the album, it starts of with heavy riffs and just keeps beating you over the head till the end. This is a banger of a track and one of our favorites to play.

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