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Track By Tracks: Desource - Ambition (2020)

1. Looks Like Disaster:

It's certainly the less heavy track on the album, despite the Deathcore influenced breakdowns. It's open, melodic, gentle and vocal-oriented, and it embeds one of my best solos, to be honest. The lyrics are about overcoming great inner struggles.

2. The Diary:

The heaviest and craziest track on the album. It involves Mathcore, Grind, Death Metal, Djent, and Prog Metal/Swedish Death Metal riffage in a deadly cocktail of influences. The hardest song to play live for sure ahahahah. Lyrically it is very similar to "Looks Like Disaster" and "Fragile Beliefs".

3. Fragile Beliefs:

This is actually a revisiting of our VERY FIRST SONG ever written, back in 2007. It is a mixture of Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour, Destrage, Nevermore, and Djent. Lyrics are always about overcoming struggles, becoming a better person, facing issues and resolving them: we want to give a positive message.

4. Sheepdogs:

One of my favorite tracks on the EP: heavy, melodic, rhythmically insane, technical, completely FUCKED UP. One of the heaviest on the EP. Lyrics are symbolic and they don't have a specific meaning, while the title refers to those who control the population above our reach.

5. (S)innocence:

An Epic 8 Minutes instrumental finale, involving classical counterpoint, Djent riffages, crazy solos, and insane drum patterns. Originally written by Edo in 2010/2011, the last track which has been chosen for the album. 

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