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Track By Tracks: Iron Wings - Dzejnieks (2020)

1. Crossroads:

Each one of us once in a life finds oneself in a situation where we have to choose which way to go, we have to make an important choice. Sometimes have to make sacrifices to pursue the goal. The song Crossroads tells about these choices, the feelings that accompany everyone’s lives.

2. Everything has changed:

Following the idea of the album concept, everything has changed in the story (the poet's journey continues). The choice is made. Nothing is as it was and the road goes on…

3. Stranger:

This song begins with a fragment of the famous Elvis Presley’s song “Love me tender”. It might seem that the next song is about love, but no. It tells about situations in life when you become a stranger to yourself. Do you have to lose yourself while looking for something new? Or do you have to tear off everything old that has become foreign and strange and sick, as the infection is stopping you from moving on.

4. To hear you:

This song is related to the album's main character poet. His search for self, his longing for the right path. Is it to be found in memories or in the unknown future?

5. In silence:

The central song of the album. A cry in silence and definitely the most poetic narration in the whole album. The hero is showing his poetic nature. He is taking a break from the hard road.

6. Pastor:

The song touches on a very difficult topic of pedophilia in the Church environment. The writing of the song has been greatly influenced by the harsh events inside the Catholic Church, but the song is directed against the humans, who, while pretending to be "holy and good", destroy child's psyche and life, creating scars that will never disappear. The song shows the position of our society as a whole through the prism of the Poet’s image.

7. Heroin:

The songs in the album are connected by semantic motives. Church bells, nature sounds, and ambulance sirens. The poet goes through a life where there is both good and horror. While trying to find the best path the Poet goes through world full of drugs and it’s chaotic. The song musically creates a world of madness, depicting the effects of drugs, while the lyrics tell you what the drugs are doing to you, to your body, to your thinking. The song is like a manifesto to the public: to inform about drug addictions, to create understanding and place the responsibility on human beings to protect their loved ones from this madness.

8. I pray to feel death again:

The song is a revelation of the main character "poet" after heroin-induced madness. It is like self-destruction followed by suffering and perceived misery. The song touches on human nature: weaknesses, values, remorses in today's turbulent world.

9. Monologue:

The whole album is a story that reaches its quintessence with the catharsis of the main character "poet" in the composition - "Monologue". Revelations about oneself, life and death, one's existence and diverse personality and its features. The last line of the composition "Monologue" - "We will meet again, soon?" raises a question and at the same time a feeling of incompleteness. Is this image saying goodbye to the listener, or is it just now introducing oneself and poets thoughts? It should be mentioned that this is the only piece that is like a direct monologue and not a song, the voice of the world, which encompasses and surrounds the main image.

10. The poet:

The last song "Poet" carries the overall concept of the whole album - the finale of this story and the final word of the poet as an image.

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