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Track By Tracks: Junkowl - Making Out With My Death (2020)

First I’d like to say that I really like to leave all of our lyrics open to interpretation. Most of them were written in a state of confusion and even to me sometimes they can mean different things. That being said, I’ll try to describe what I was feeling while working on the lyrics for each song.


Snakecharmer in a nutshell is about thinking you’re possessed by demons and trying to kill them… Only to realize that the demons were actually just your own evil manifesting in your head. ‘’Blow your brains out, Blow my brains out’’

2. Quarantine Us All:

This song Is about feeling Like you have nothing positive to offer and feeling that The ones you love would be better off if you were not around.

3. Shake Me:

This ones about dysfunctional relationships and how we can sometimes feed off of each other’s negative behavior and start to accept it as the norm.

4.Dead Hooker:

I actually wrote most of the lyrics to this song 10 years ago and I wrote it all when I was blackout drunk. I think that’s what it’s about, just getting drunk to forget how ugly the world is.

5.Little scum:

This song is about taking out the garbage.

6. Crawling up my feet:

This song is about falling in love with someone when you’re depressed or struggling with addiction, and essentially about how it’s pretty much impossible to love someone properly when you don’t love yourself.

7. Sickness lives:

Sickness Lives is about feeling trapped in a sick society ruled by greed. I guess you could say it’s our f*** the system song.

8. Relapse:

This is probably my favorite song. I find it captures the essence of what we are as a band the most. It’s also the song we took the album title “Making Out With My Death” from.

Its name describes it perfectly… this song is about Drugs and being self-destructive.

9. Straitjacket:

This song is about going F****ing crazy. and just not being able to keep up with your thoughts.

10.10,000 vultures:

This is the first song we ever wrote. It’s about love & death.

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