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Track By Tracks: Rebel Priest - R’lyeh Heavy (2020)

1. The Summoning:

Instrumental song, we had some fun with this using an old classical progression and cranking it up to eleven!! summon the beast!!

2. Electric Lady:

This one is probably the oldest of the batch, came up really organically and was honed through many, many shows. Once it was a crowd favourite, we knew we had to keep it for the album even if “she” was a little older than the others haha 

3. Sleeping Like a Hangman:

I’ve recently started thinking of this one in terms of living with your mortality. Jayme was the brainchild on this one, he’s the guy to ask haha

4. Elm St. :

Homage to “nightmare on elm street”, another in our catalogue of movie-themed songs (Blood & Sand, Blade Runner, etc..)

5. Snake Eyes: 

When you simply don’t know who’s gonna sing a song… I think each one of us sang a various early version of the song before it became what we hear today. That process though, is really what I enjoy, the different ways songs become a reality. Like sometimes they just are, immediately what they are; and other times it takes a lot of work and moulding to become what they are.

6. Emperor:

LOVE this one! great combination of everyone’s talents

7. Lighten the Load:

This turned out so different than I ever thought it would, one of the last tracks we wrote for the album it included a lot of different ideas; like REALLY different ideas. But somehow, we pulled it together and put the Priest stamp on it.

8. Dead End World:

And uplifting take on the end of the world or a way of finding some individuality in the work about the world that most of us feel trapped in… as the song says, "live for yourself, not for the weekend"

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