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Track By Tracks: Symbiotic Growth - Symbiotic Growth (2020)

First thing I should mention is that the album is, lyrically and musicly conceptual. We made all songs one after another to try to make a more cohesive journey.

Lyrically the album follows a protagonist finding herself in the distant future, in a metropolis where technology has finally taken over every aspect of everyday life. Mechanical augments are typical things to see on humans from children to elderly. But our protagonist sees the downfall of all this technology and attempts to make her way out and towards the last piece of untouched land.


Nothing happens here lyrically but the music opens us up to our protagonists journey. 

2. Technological Singularity:

Right off the hop our protagonist finds herself realizing all the darkness that comes with all the augments and new technology. A future of “connection and harmony” is not what it seems.

3.Consumed By Digital Light:

Here we get more of a sense of our protagonists thoughts on everything as she starts doubting if the city is the place for her.

She starts to realize that no one has a sense of co-dependency, and look to augments or upgrades before anything else, and with that the loss of their humanity. Here she starts to doubt her place in the city and wonders if all “natural” beings still exist.

4. The Wilting Shroud Of Latent Automata:

In this song we dive more into the atrocities that happen to those who aren't wealthy enough to afford updates or repairs on their augments and touches more on the loss of the bearers humanity.

As children, augments are put on their bodies by law, a way to keep people healthy. A further look into the augments shows that they need upgrading frequently, which is then sold by the same corporation that implant the augments in the first place.


At our last song, our protagonist finds herself trying to escape the metropolis when she starts to hear voices calling her name and seemingly leading her out towards the forest.

She comes to realize that all of the natures energy is being blocked by the city using high-intensity frequencies, the only thing that could help people be healthy without use of augments. Another creation of the corporation. A whispering voice calls to her seemingly leading her towards the edge of the city, a voice, that in the back of her head, knows is nature.

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