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Track By Tracks: Tenebree - Errante Herejia (2020)

1. De los Bosques Fantasmales:

It´s about the protection that the ancestral forests grant to those wich follow their true nature, far away from beliefs that look for submitting and humiliating. 

2. Hacia el Norte…:

This is a panegyric to the Selknam native people, praising their existence and remembering their tragic extermination occured since the XIX century in the southern end of Chile.

3. Herética Negación del Maule:

It talks about the position of rejection and denial of the Judeo-Christian beliefs that explode from the Maule area, rescuing myths and ancestral legend from the zone.

4. Montañosa Compañía entre Nieblas:

It´s about the protection, the defence and the strengthening that human being finds between the mountains, from the darkness and their ancestral beliefs.

5. Virtuosa Soledad Eminente:

It affirms an allegory to the Loneliness as a voluntary assumed situation by the human being in the face of deep anguish and the strong desire after agony, of reunion with oneself.

6. Evocaciones de Antiguos Emblemas:

It´s about the solid decision of going against the foreign and invasive ideas that have tried to corrupt ancient beliefs and traditions. Proposes the appreciation of the primary essence of human being from its deeper nature.

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