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Artist Biographies: Andrew Levin

Andrew Levin has delighted audiences across the globe with his unique and soulful approach to music. His instantly recognizable sound is eclectic, experimental, and accessible, meticulously forged from years of working with different musicians from many walks of life and genres. Commitment to the craft shines through as Andrew is equally adept at writing a powerful song, creating evolving soundscapes, performing on a variety of instruments, and weaving this together in a way that makes sense.

Andrew grew up in the Bay Area and learned to play the piano and guitar at an early age. After returning to Oakland in 2012, he quickly earned a reputation as one of the most versatile and skilled multi-instrumentalists in the Bay Area. Shortly after, he became a full time musician and welcome staple of the Bay Area music community.

His songs are firmly rooted in his personal story of touring, overcoming trauma, and ultimately finding refuge in music. Andrew’s passion for keeping creativity alive and well in his hometown has made him an advocate for the Bay Area Arts. He sees the Bay Area as a special place where people have come together despite their differences for decades. Thus art and creativity in the Bay Area have been something he believes is worth fighting for.

In addition to writing his own music, Andrew has been a creative member of a number of projects including the Kev Choice Ensemble, Emily Afton, and the Jazz Mafia. He has also performed and recorded with the likes of Jody Watley, Terrace Martin, Hans Zimmer, Lyrics Born, Zion i, and countless others. His previous projects have booked shows at Outside Lands, Fox Theater Oakland, The Chapel, and more, both headlining and opening for the likes of Lauryn Hill, Third Eye Blind, and Mavis Staples among others. He also works in music and sound for video games at Ubisoft

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