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Band Biographies: PERFECT NME

Born from a desire to transcend more traditional metal genres, PERFECT NME first saw the light of day in 2014. From the start the members’ diverse musical backgrounds helped sow the seeds to create something unique, and with a conscious view to moulding these various influences into a new kind of monster, incorporating elements of modern metal, thrash, in-your-face beats and big choruses, PERFECT NME have managed to forge a sound identifiable and relevant, while staying true to their musical inspirations. 5 years on, and the band have seen two EP’s released to great reviews, 2014’s self-titled “Perfect NME” and 2015’s “Monument”, and have played numerous gigs up and down the lenght of Norway, both as support for larger acts and as headliners, earning them a reputation as a solid live band and attracting a large support base. They have been frequently featured in the press and have recieved radiplay rotation.

The band recently partnered with Wormholedeath Records for the release and worldwide distribution of their new album "REMAINS TO BE SEEN". The album, pre-produced at Ronnie Le’Tekro’s (TNT) Studio captures the essence of the band and its vision, and also includes the song «Legin» with special guest vocals by BJØRN STRID (SOILWORK, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA). Thematic at its core, «Remains To Be Seen» covers much musical ground, yet remains a cohesive metal experience, while lyrically exploring the concept of loss and its lingering influence on the present. With the release of «Remains to be Seen», PERFECT NME are poised to take their brand of metal to a wider audience, both at home and abroad, and have set their sights firmly on the future.

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