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Behind The Artworks: Dead Tree Seeds - Push The Button (2020)

The cover artwork mirrors the concept of most of the songs of the album. The concept is focused on the excessive power concentrated in the hands of a few people and the resulting situation for human beings. The atmosphere perceived could be summarized in these words: ambition, frustration, repression, rebellion, abuse of power, unconsciousness, victimhood, cynicism. On the picture you can see a crazy man who wants to push a button; the man stereotypes a president of a developed country and the button stands for something with which, at any point, all creatures could be erased by a simple gesture; in a second, millions of years of biological diversity would just disappear. The man in black is the grey eminence and it embodies the lobbies that have the real decision-making power. He guards and pilots the actions of politicians. The children represent the situation that the human race would face if the ambitions of the stronger of the world go beyond the limits. This is also the meaning of the title track “Push the Button” and the concept of most of the songs.

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